What do our customers Say?

"Sweet Daddy Corn is amazing!!! I can't get enough - my husband and I are totally addicted!!!! Can't wait to get some more!"
- Teresa C.
"Thought you'd enjoy this: my daughter informed me yesterday that she wants a thousand bags of Sweet Daddy Corn for her birthday..... Guess I'll be needing to place an order.... Had to talk her down to two or three though!"
- Michele N.
"Words can not explain how amazing Sweet Daddy Corn is. It's a family tradition that any festival/fair we go to, we get a bag. Since having SD's, we simply can not buy it from anyone else. It's the perfect savory blend. Even better, the owners are insanely sweet and take great care of their customers."
- Sarah B.
"Sweet Daddy Corn, where taste buds experience happiness."
- Sami E.
"All it takes is ONE taste of Sweet Daddy Corn, and you'll be hooked! They have perfected popcorn...so light, no hard kernels, and the absolute perfect blend of salty & sweet. I'll admit, I'm addicted. I buy bags for us and some extras to take to friends and family - best popcorn ever!!"
- Jill J.