A Little more about Sweet Daddy Corn



‚ÄčSweet Daddy Corn is kettle-popped and made with fresh, natural ingredients. We do not keep bags stocked, so when you order, your corn is popped fresh!


Sweet Daddy Corn is gluten free and does not contain any peanut products.

Who We Are

Sweet Daddy Corn was created by Jeff Patton in the winter of 2011. We established our company in July of 2012 and began selling in October that same year. We're a family business with all of the popping done by Sweet Daddy himself and most of the selling and customer relations carried out by his wife, Cheri. We get plenty of help from our very supportive family and friends, which comes in handy! Jeff is "retired" from landscaping and Cheri is a "retired" educator. We have two amazing daughters, Cadence & Madeline, who are 12, and responsible for naming our company!